4 Good Reasons You Need to Waterproof Your Bathroom

BathroomHave you ever had water dripping from your upstairs bathroom through the ceiling to the living space below? Waterproofing Direct knows it can be a horrifying experience, transforming your dream house into a living nightmare.

This is the reason that during your next bathroom remodelling project, one of the first things to make sure is to make the room waterproof. Here are benefits of doing so.

1. Waterproofing prevents leaks

A crack on the floor of your bathroom or gaps in the sealant can lead to water seeping through into the ground floor of your home. Soon you’ll start to notice water stains on the ceiling and walls, which are usually rather unsightly.

A good way to prevent that is by investing in quality waterproofing tiling supplies in Sydney that you can use during your bathroom remodelling.

2. Waterproofing keeps mould at bay

Once you pull away the old tiles during your remodelling project, you might notice that the surface underneath is damp, rotten, and has mould. This is the result of moisture seeping through the top surface that you’ve just removed. Adding waterproofing material can help prevent this once and for all.

3. Waterproofing is effective insulation

Bathroom walls and floor that are not waterproofed can feel very cold when you touch them, particularly during the winter. This means you need to heat up the bathroom for it to stay comfortable, and the cost in power bills can really add up. Waterproofing material, on the other hand, keeps the warmth inside.

4. Waterproofing increases the value of your property

If you intend to sell your home at some point, then realise that a great selling point would be a bathroom that is well taken care of. Waterproofing the space shows that you’ve dedicated both time and resources on your home, which increases its value.

A waterproofed bathroom is both safe and comfortable to spend time in. Luckily, this is one of the quick and affordable projects you can do yourself or with some little help from a professional.