4 Decorating Tricks to Make Small Look Bigger

Frameless Showers Glass SolutionsBeen struggling with how you could further extend your space without resorting to renovation? You are just in the right place. This post would give some redecorating ideas that would not only maximize your space but also make it look bigger.

Here are some of these foolproof ways to help you do that.

Mirrors Here, There and Everywhere

Utilising mirrors when decorating is another great trick to make any space appears larger. Hanging a full-length mirror on the wall could break the solid feeling around.

If you want to go for a more glamorous or elegant vibe, you may always use glass or crystal in Auckland to open up your space.

Use Light Colours on Walls and Floors

For rooms smaller in size, experts recommend the use of light or neutral shades. Since these colours tend to reflect the light, it creates an illusion of bigger and wider space. Darker hues are a no-no in these areas.

However, you could still use them for furniture, decorations, and other accents in the room just not on the walls and floors.

Opt for Cuter and Smaller Items

Since you do not have that much space, try to keep yourself from buying chunky and bulky furniture. Instead, go for pieces of stuff that are cuter or smaller in size. Assess your needs; do you really need a four-seat sofa for a house with two occupants?

These simple decisions could make a difference in your space.

Practice Minimalism on Your Stuff

Do not try to fill up every open corner or space around the room. This would only make your place look cramped and smaller. For items you do not use often, try to keep them hidden unless you need them.

Another good solution is to use furniture or items that you can fold, stack or wheel away so you could easily keep them away. For shelves or cupboards, always leave empty spaces so it would not look crowded or congested.

These clever decorating steps would allow you to utilize every space in your home at its maximum potential. Keep these things in mind to enjoy a bigger and better living space.