4 Awesome Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

Customer ServiceIf you have a business and you wish to stand out from the crowd, one of the best tricks that you must do is to show customer appreciation. You have to let them know that you really appreciate their business.

Here is a rundown of four effective ways to show your consumers that you really value them without going broke.

Provide free stuff

It is a good idea to treat your consumers with free stuff, such as a discount or a gift certificate. It is also wise if you give away things that will endorse your company at the same time. For example, you can give them free pens, mugs, USBs, and more, that are embellished with your company logo. Speedex Group notes that there are companies offering custom merchandise in Australia that you can always tap to print these promotional products for your business.

Offer a VIP rewards program

Today, one can find an array of loyalty programs offered by a lot of companies. This is because several customers extremely love the red carpet treatment. As such, it is prudent if you also start a loyalty program for your own business. The program need not be complicated; it should be as simple as giving away a few discounts to your loyal consumers, for example, on your business’ anniversary.

Give them a handwritten thank you card

This one will certainly make your consumers’ day as it will really surprise them. Today, it is rare that this proven way of showing appreciation is used. This is why this technique can give a big impact to your customers. It is even better if your note will be personal and specific.

Feature some of your customers on your social media page or newsletter

Featuring your customers on some of your social media pages or on your newsletter will give them a message that they really matter. For most people, when you acknowledge someone, you can recognize their value and importance.

Try out some of the tips above and you’ll surely earn more customer loyalty down the road.