3 Technological Advancements That are Part of Warehouse Management

Workers using computer and scanner inside a warehouseThe logistics segment has grown rapidly as new e-commerce businesses enter the fray. With this growth comes larger market demands, and according to a new study by Market Research, the market for warehouse management will further climb by a compound annual growth rate of 14.1 percent from this year through 2025.

It is therefore important for companies to keep up with the times. By integrating the use of new technologies into their warehouse management systems, companies can ensure a seamless workflow for their staff. Optimization starts by streamlining the flow of information within the supply chain, and what better way to facilitate that by incorporating cloud platforms, mobile solutions and big data.

Here are some of the tools whose use will become bigger in the sector:

Cloud-based systems

The cloud will no longer be optional for companies who deal with a number of users and would like to stay in the game. With cloud-based systems, accessing data between teams and networks has become much easier, not to mention lightning-fast. This is why organizations would place more importance on it as they move forward in this millennium.

Data analytics

Data analytics involve the use of sophisticated software to track how efficient a company’s current logistics management program is. These types of software can track anything from how fast an order or shipment is completed to how easy it is for end users such as delivery persons to navigate their records database. 

Analytics is also especially helpful in tracking reverse logistics activities, to find out where the problem lies, or what types of items are often returned by customers, notes ReverseLogix.  

Mobile platforms

The use of mobile platforms is becoming more popular in the segment due to their convenience and accessibility. Their increased demand is not without challenges, however. Mobile devices and platforms should be integrated into a warehouse management program with utmost care as they could disrupt operations. 

As with any technology, it is imperative to upgrade mobile platforms to enhance a warehouse’s performance as a whole. Fortunately, most companies are on the same page.