Social Listening is Key in Identifying Customers

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Companies have been employing the services of focus groups and surveys to determine who the customers are. After all, what could beat first-hand information that came from the individuals themselves? It has been a gold […]

Paid for Passion: Monetising Your Blog

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A long time ago, you only used the World Wide Web for research and entertainment. Huge corporations were the only ones who could monetise through the use of the internet. Fast forward years later, even […]


When Investing, Go Where the Profits Are

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As an investor, it’s easy for you to balk at investing in commercial real estate as residential seems to be the better option. However, you should have some heart. Know that commercial properties give you […]

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When is The Perfect Time to Go to The Dolomites?

When visiting the Dolomites, seasonality is crucial, as it would generally dictate what you can and can’t do while you’re there. Every season brings with it different sights; snow, rocks, woods, flowers, as all these […]

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Using Off-site Data Destruction Services

With today’s digital innovations, data processing and storage equipment continue to evolve. Companies can store information to find that it is continually expanding. Eventually, a lot of unnecessary data will have to be destroyed once […]

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Small Businesses And The Social Media Dilemma

Social media is a vital component of business these days, especially for small businesses. The seventh Social Media Marketing Industry Report reveals that 92 percent of marketers strongly vouch for the effectiveness of social media […]