Becoming a Motel Owner

Venturing into Hospitality: Becoming a Motel Owner

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‘Hotel Impossible’ is an international cable TV show featured on the Travel Channel that focuses on Anthony Melchiorri’s pursuits to improve a hospitality business. He handles multiple hotel and motel troubles, such as building makeovers, […]

Is Bitcoin Still Relevant?

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Bitcoin’s heyday as an online currency started in the late 2000s, after it was created by an entity known only as Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody knows who Nakamoto is, or what the name stands for, but […]

Escape the Clutches of Debt the Shopaholic Way

World Business Report

For some people, debt is the death of them — and that includes Sophie Kinsella’s lovable character Becky Bloomwood. The Confessions of a Shopaholic protagonist is no stranger to angry bank managers and bills with […]

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Using Off-site Data Destruction Services

With today’s digital innovations, data processing and storage equipment continue to evolve. Companies can store information to find that it is continually expanding. Eventually, a lot of unnecessary data will have to be destroyed once […]

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The Components of Virtual Reality Marketing

Virtual reality (VR) is no longer a domain of video gamers and moviegoers; it is the latest technology in marketing. Clients no longer need access to a PC to view your marketing videos with the […]